Offering complete Design and Development solutions incorporating our Value-Engineering philosophy into each and every project.  An organization you can TRUST to protect your intellectual property!  Bringing years of experience and proof of concept to every project.

3D Imaging – providing state-of-the-art CAD and 3D imaging center with the latest in software and processing power to bring ideas to life or make changes to existing designs for improvements in efficiency, performance or overall costs.

Design services – comprised of a world-class design team with the technological experience in concept development.  Ranging from cultivating an idea and bringing it to market or streamlining an existing design to keep production costs low while maximizing profits.  Our Engineering team has over 30 years experience in all facets of Mechanical and Design Engineering.

Reverse engineering – from a sketch or prototype, our Engineering team can create 2D and 3D drawings necessary to cast any part.  By creating a virtual model, overall lead time and production costs can be reduced.


Grade selection – by understanding the application of a part or product, coupled with the specific parameters of a project, the selection of the right material or grade can make all of the difference in the end result.  Years of experience and proof of concept.

Casting options – after in-depth discussion and analysis of each product’s specific requirements, all 4 basic casting options offers top tier mold building equipment and methodologies.

General consulting –  experienced Engineering and Management team available to discuss and outline a pathway for any project to move from concept to production.  Innovative ideas incorporating modern manufacturing techniques with traditional style and an uncommon attention to detail and quality assurance.



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Combining innovation, value and 25 years of experience.