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Casting is highly recommended when mass producing a metal part. Whether a simple geometry, or something more complicated, casting can be a very viable alternative manufacturing method, helping to significantly drive down the production cost per piece with efficiency and economy-of-scale.

Investment Casting, Die Casting, Shell Molding, Sand Casting, and Lost Foam. In addition, we provide various types of finishing and other related services to enhance your product at a reasonable price. Learn More.

US Castings can produce almost every commercial alloy to international standards, including: ASTM , MIL, ISO, DIN, ASME, JIS, GOST. Suggested modifications can be helpful with the mechanical properties, corrosion resistance , cost, machinability, magnetic permeability, electrical conductivity, etc of the final product. If there is no well known standard for a desired custom alloy, it can still be considered and discussed in detail at your convenience.

US Castings has a Zero Risk Policy. No deposit or down payment is required. The mold and tooling are invoiced only after approval of the sample run. Likewise, the mass production of goods is invoiced only after receipt at the customer’s location. US Castings accepts all the risk, confident in our ability to supply the best quality on the promised delivery date.

US Castings representatives are available to meet with customers on an as-needed basis. Normally it is not a prerequisite to doing business with US Castings, however on larger or more intricate jobs, it is recommended. During the interim, communication via e-mail, phone or Skype conversations are typically sufficient. (Videoconferencing is also available).

If a sketch is provided, US Castings engineers can produce a 3D model of the part. Any missing dimensions can either be calculated internally based on the available measurements, or customers will be contacted to confirm the specifications. Engineering services are available at an hourly rate. Everything must be 100% clear, confirmed, and approved by the customer prior to tooling. Even if that means additional time spent researching and investigating, it’s better to do it in the engineering stage rather than at a later one.

The following specific information is required for a quotations:

  • Final 2D and 3D part drawings with required dimensions and tolerances (Engineering/reverse engineering from a sample is also available upon request)
  • Unit weight
  • Material/Alloy type
  • Plating or finishing processes
  • Annual quantity
  • Quality Assurance requirements
  • Packaging requirements
  • Any additional requirement that may influence the final product or price
  • Desired target price for the finished part (if known)

US Castings can accept both small orders (a few dozen) for larger sized items (hundreds of kilograms), or very high-volume orders of small- to medium-sized parts per series, and everything in-between. US Castings’ engineers will choose the most efficient casting technology based on quantity and technical parameters such as: type of alloy, dimensions, tolerance, surface finish, geometry, unit price, tooling price, etc. to maximize the benefit and value of placing production orders.

US Castings offers a door-to-door service, either DDP direct container shipments, or in smaller increments from a local warehouse. The warehouse at US Castings’ facility has been configured to hold orders consolidated at the customer’s request and released on an as-needed/JIT basis. Economies of scale can be earned by producing the required annual quantity at one time, with the cost savings passed on to the customer.

Many US Companies are turning away opportunities where either the volumes or the value of the orders are too low to allow for them to maintain profitability levels to cover legacy costs and such. We created our US based office to act as the conduit between our engineering division and our top-tiered foundries. By providing the ability to assist often smaller, more complicated projects, and afford them an opportunity to get off the ground (and potentially grow into larger jobs), US Castings has created a unique niche in the industry. Our management team operates to ensure that open communication, quality requirements and trouble-free logistics services are provided to our customers to avoid the many pitfalls that often are experienced with manufacturing and providing a turnkey product.



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