Case Studies

1. Drain Grates – Major US Metropolitan Transit System:

US Castings was awarded a Government contract for the production of replacement drain grates for the tunnels of a major metropolitan subway system. The first article inspection was completed within only a few weeks of the contract award, and the production order delivered on-time.

This job was coordinated through one of US Castings’ global partner foundries, and the Operations Department worked closely with one of our 3PL logistics partners to deliver the products to the customer’s location without any delays.

Quality Control/Quality Assurance documentation was supplied to the customer prior to the first article and production shipments, assuring the customer that the parts were in conformance.

2. Oyster Knives – local designer:

This product started as a simple concept drawing targeting the well-known New England oyster and clam markets. It incorporated a new futuristic contemporary design while still maintaining full functionality.

Working closely with US Castings’ Engineering and Production teams, this product was quickly designed with casting in mind and prototyped with samples delivered to the customer in only a few short months. Since its approval, multiple production runs have been made with this customer, and it is now a highly sought-after chic product throughout New England and around the country.

Special attention was paid right from the start to the form, function, and finish of the product, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

3. Wedges – Cast Iron Fence parts:

US Castings was contacted to manufacture a custom-made iron fence topper for a highly prestigious southern golf club. Because this end-user demands perfection in everything it does relative to its image, the quality and appearance of this item was extremely vital, but just as important was high volume of parts necessary to fulfill the requirements of this job.

Thanks to the close relationships maintained with both the foundry and the 3PL logistics company, US Castings was able to deliver multiple production runs with absolutely no quality issues, and both shipments arrived sooner than originally promised.

The customer went on to compliment US Castings that the parts required no additional work, and went “right from the box to the welding line!”

4. Stainless Steel Marine Engine Part

When approached by a well established marine engine company in South Florida to source the last missing piece to the invention of an all stainless steel marine engine, US Castings’ engineering team went right to work by offering a reverse engineering service from a machined part.

The best aspect of working with a customer from the inception phase, is that their excitement became our excitement, and their achievements felt like our own.

US Castings provided the services of a globally sourced partner foundry, enabling the customer to obtain what was thought to be an impossible and unrealistic price point. Open lines of communication between engineering and the customer allowed for a continuous flow of ideas and options.

Sample production proved to exceed the customer’s expectations allowing the project to quickly move into the mass production phase.



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