The Best of Both Worlds

Uncertain times call for a company that has the flexibility to manage a project, offering customers the most cost-effective and efficient supply chain solutions, be it with domestic production, or the sometimes difficult and challenging alternative of producing offshore.

In a highly price-competitive global market, no matter what, customers trust US Castings to help them make profitable, educated decisions!

Keeping production domestic can be easier, helping to keep lead times down, but often can still be challenging from a logistics, pricing and quality standpoint. US Castings’ unique approach, combined with its Value-Engineering services, can help to keep production and delivery costs down through minor design changes, while allowing customers to maintain the “Made in the USA” status that we know is still important to many.

Alternatively, the offshore supply philosophy can often carry with it unknown or inherent risks when it comes to consistency within the supply chain, consistency in quality, or consistency in service, particularly when the unexpected happens. US Castings United States based sales, engineering and service teams, provides customers with the confidence of highly experienced domestic contacts responsible for the entire Lifecycle of each and every order. This team provides the conduit to state-of-the-art design and Engineering Services and is responsible for quality assurance and management of customer orders, delivered to their door.

Need a fully integrated solution? US Castings can offer a combination of both domestic and offshore supply chain options to meet the philosophical and economic requirements your business demands.

No matter the location, US Castings maintains strict control of its global sourcing partners, and is expressly prohibited from sourcing products outside of its approved supplier base. Being the leader in Value-Based Engineering, US Castings’ customers can sleep well at night knowing they are sourcing from the very best foundries in the world, and that in the unlikely event of a problem, our corporate sales, engineering, and service teams will be with them every step of the way to ensure a speedy and efficient resolution.

US Castings will always help its customers look for the most efficient and cost-effective supply-chain solutions. If the desire is to keep production stateside, a domestic network of approved foundries has been developed to assist where necessary.




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