Alloy – A composite or union of two or more metals or a metal and a nonmetal substance.

Anodizing – a finishing process that is done electromechanically resulting in a durable, corrosion resistant and decorative coating.

Die – Customized tool used in manufacturing to cut and shape a variety of products.

Die Casting – A process for metal forming whereby molten metal is forced into a cavity (or mold) under pressure.

Forging – To change the shape of a material while in a solid state during the manufacturing process by a variety of means.

Investment Casting – Process of pouring molten metal into an expendable ceramic mold. The mold is formed by using a wax pattern. The pattern is surrounded or “invested” into ceramic slurry that hardens into the mold. The wax slurry is melted out of the mold after it has been formed. Best used in designs with complex geometries and intricate patterns.

Machining – A process in which material is removed from an initially produced part. This is a secondary process to obtain a desired end product (such as high tolerances and smooth surface finishes).

Mold – A structure that is created to pour molten metal into (can be reused or disposable depending on the casting method) and forms the final casted product after cooling has completed.

Non-ferrous – A metal that does not contain iron and has a unique set of properties – some of which include non-magnetic and corrosion resistant as compared to ferrous metals.

Sand Casting – Use of expendable molds made out of sand to form complex metal parts of most alloys.

Shell Moulding – A process similar to sand casting, but the mold is a thin-walled shell created by applying a sand-resin mixture around the pattern, resulting in better dimensional properties.

Tooling – Process of obtaining all required components necessary for production (molds, machines, fixtures, patterns, cutting equipment, etc.).

Tolerance – Minimal allowance for dimensional variances, as indicated within a casting drawing, and agreed to, prior to production, between customer and supplier.



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